2023 All-Church Retreat

Join us for our first ever all-church retreat! We’re escaping to the suburbs over Presidents’ Day weekend at Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook.

Children’s Ministry will be available for kids age 1+.

**A note on pricing: Two Coins Payment System

As in years past, we’re using the Two Coins Payment System, a pay-what-you-will payment philosophy. Though we’ve listed the total costs of the retreat, our congregation should feel free to give as they feel called. Our church body is made up of people with very different financial situations, so we believe that this system will allow those who can give less to give less and for those who can afford to give more to be able to do so generously. The idea behind this system is to have our membership give as a body, rather than individually, and to give from the heart (Luke 21:1-4).

To give more, when you arrive at the details page, select one of the add-on options.

To give what you can, when you arrive at the payment page under “select amount to pay,” choose “other” and manually type in the amount you wish to give.

Last day to register is January 18.