Process Updates

Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019

An update on The Beloved Network:

In the past seven years, God has blessed Church of the Beloved tremendously.  From our humble beginnings, we grew to a church network of seven churches and campuses across three states.

With the resignation of David Choi, the original planting pastor and Beloved Network president, the remaining pastors took time to prayerfully consider the best path forward for all of our churches.  While we have unanimously decided to dissolve The Beloved Network, we stay committed to the vision of the church in our respective communities. As this chapter of The Beloved Network comes to an end, we pray for a spirit of unity as our churches move forward.

An update from elders Bryant Sze & Joe Chen:

For the three campuses of Church of the Beloved in Chicago (Downtown, Wicker Park, and South Loop), this only means that will no longer be directly affiliated with other Church of the Beloved churches through the Beloved Network.  Our three campuses will remain united in our effort to reach our city for the Gospel.

Our leadership teams are currently praying and working through our next steps as campuses and as a united church in Chicago. The one constant in this season has been God’s continued presence in our church, and we still believe the best days for Church of the Beloved are ahead.

We’ll have a number of exciting updates for our congregation in the coming weeks and months. To keep the congregation in the loop with what is happening, we’re going to begin providing regular updates on our progress. You can expect to hear from us at least monthly during this process.

Updates will continue to be communicated on this page and via email.

Previous Updates

Sept. 26, 2019

In early April 2019, allegations of biblical misconduct and spiritual abuse were made against pastor David Choi and brought to the attention of church leadership. In response, David was asked to take a paid leave of absence while the leadership and a third party made an inquiry into the complaints. By May, the complaints were deemed credible and action was taken to care for the members and to pursue a course of restoration and reconciliation for David.

On May 24, David tendered his resignation as the pastor of Church of the Beloved. Although the elders disagreed with David’s decision, they accepted and made an announcement to the church body on June 7. Church leadership continues to educate and care for the church and prays for the restoration of our brother. Many of you have experienced tremendous blessing from David through the preaching of the gospel. We honor the ways in which God has used David’s gifts but we must honestly acknowledge the hurt caused by his own personal sin and brokenness. Due to the seriousness of the complaints, to minimize gossip and for the unity of the church, we encourage members, attenders and partners in ministry to direct their questions to the elders and pastors as well as use wisdom in their contact with David. Through this very challenging season for the church we ask that you pray for all parties involved and seek to glorify God.

In the subsequent months, the elders, deacons and staff have been conducting a thorough review of our ministry practices and procedures. Based on this review, those teams have been creating and updating policies in order to protect everyone involved in our church. Drafts of these policies are being reviewed, and once approved, will be made available on this page.