Stephen has enjoyed serving in ministry leadership for over 30 years with students, singles, married couples, families, and businessmen in colleges, fraternities, law schools, small groups, cross-cultural immigrant/2nd generation churches, the marketplace and the dramatic arts. As a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Steve was “born again” through his disciplers from IV/Cru, and committed his life to “make disciples who make disciples” since then.

After serving together in church ministry with his wife Serina as lay leaders for the past 10 years, they both prayerfully sensed a strong call from our Lord in early 2017 to “lose their lives for Jesus’ sake and the Gospel in order to find it.”

Subsequently, Stephen sold his law practice after working as a trial attorney in Chicago for almost 20 years, where he loved to advocate for his clients by telling their story to the jury, pray with his clients for God’s justice/mercy, and regularly hired/mentored new law students/attorneys for ministry in the legal field.

Stephen was introduced to his wife Serina by COTB’s Pastor Dave! Stephen and Serina share a love for finding quiet monasteries for Sabbath, deep conversations, and greatly enjoy traveling/eating internationally. They have 4 children, Raya, Zach, Hope, and Magdalene. “Coincidentally”, Raya (also born in 2012) is the Hebrew word for “Beloved”.