Linda was born in Memphis, Tennessee to unbelieving parents who came to experience the love of Christian neighbors upon immigrating to the United States. Seeds of faith were planted in Linda as she grew up going to Y-Care and Sunday School. Her first Gospel narrative experience was the Chronicles of Narnia she received as a child in a Chick-Fil-A kid’s meal.

Linda came to Chicago to study at The University of Chicago, and later came to a saving faith in Christ at the Church of the Beloved, receiving Christ fully at a Good Friday service. She has served children in a couple of ways in the Kids’ Ministry at church and in schools as a teacher. God has spoken to her through “the little children” at many points in her life. Her heart is for all people to come to Jesus as He beckons in Mark 10:15.

In her spare time, Linda loves taking long strolls along the Lake and listening to podcasts.