Adult Sunday School


UPDATE: Adult Sunday School is temporarily on hold. Stay tuned for further info!

We will be meeting the first and third Sunday of each month, starting in March until June. The tentative outline of topics is listed below:

March 5: the call of Abram; God's first covenant with Abram (Genesis 12)
March 19: Abram and Lot (Genesis 13-14)
April 2: God's second covenant with Abram; Abram, Sarai, Hagar, and Ishmael (Genesis 15-16)
April 16: God's third covenant with Abram; the visit of the angels (Genesis 17:1-18:21)
May 7: Abraham, Lot, and Sodom (Genesis 18:22-19:38)
May 21: Abraham and Abimelech (Genesis 20; 21:22-34)
June 4: the birth and sacrifice of Isaac (Genesis 21:1-21; 22)
June 18: Sarah's death; looking back on Abraham's story (Genesis 23)